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Diamonds last forever and jewellery gets worn! We restore your jewellery to its prime condition.

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With over 25 years of experience, Fraser’s Jewellery Manufacturer is located in Townsville, Queensland. We take pride in quality jewellery designs, jewellery repairs and restoration, having worked with award winning designers and jewellers through the years. We also carefully restore antique jewellery that has priceless sentimental value.

We meet all your jewellery needs by quickly sourcing and supplying diamonds, precious stones and chains upon request from Australian based wholesalers. This results in greater savings as we guide you through the jewellery design process. We understand the jewellery industry and we deliver Australian handmade jewellery with clear communication and proven reliability.

For truly unique jewellery design

We don’t just repair, resize and restore damaged jewellery, we help you realise the perfect jewellery design for every special occasion.

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